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Friday, April 30, 2010



Interesting day
0520 - Up early for this morning's ish. Speaking went on well..but it was one of those talks that left me with that "time was too short" "I could have said more" feeling.

1000 - Spoke with Seun - FD's guy - he was quite receptive, got his email ad, sent him my PDF...he replied and promised to do his bit. I'm quite positive about this one.

1500 - Academics. Sat down to read!!!! Thank God for that grace, studying has not been coming off easy these days...buh this one made sense.

1800 - Concept meeting, my peeps dulled so it didnt happen

1830 - Was chillin in hosp office and I had to get something from shopping mall, so I went downstairs, got what I wanted, walked out of shopping mall. On my way out, I ran into that demon, and I walked past him only for him to tap me and he goes
"Are u a student?"
"Better go inside the barber's shop now n shave that thing"
pauses and I was about to walk out..
"Infact, I've changed my mind, follow me"
leads me to revo office arena, and as we got there, a random guy approached us and he tells the guy
"give him an offence form, I'm coming back to get it now"
he walks away...
Then the dude starts laughing only for him to tell me he has no affliation wit the Rev squad...ope o!!! Immediately, I disappear and that's how God delivered me from the claws of the evil one! Audi oshi!!!

1900 - No confidence to attend W.H.I.T.E..so I returned to my hall.

2200 - Checked my email n behold...Mr Leke Alder!!!!!!
I'm still caught up in the euphoria of reading him! Wha did he say? He didnt give me what I wanted, but he made it clear that what I wanted wasn't what I needed and he commended my efforts sha...I'm looking forward to having him around for the book launch. I have high hopes on that one!

In conclusion..I discovered one truth today. Buki is a DODO!!!!

If P.Diddy could do this on tweeter, then I should join him in paying respect to the late DAGRIN....R.I.P!!!


dew said...

I rejoice with you oh...HE made a way of escape...HE'll keep you far from trouble and those who bear trouble...AMEN!

Tolu Akanni said...

thanks dear!