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Monday, April 26, 2010



0100 - Had a discussion I've been thirsting for ever since, a moment with someone that could frankly point out errors in my book...pheww!! Most ppl jst get carried away with the obvious and they are blinded to the flaws...That convo was priceless, luv u Mac!! Ure too conceptual...tew much

0800 - Class started with an impromptu test. I did good, xpectin a nice outcome :-)
My first lecture was just funny, I tried hard to meet up with that man's pace, but....he was just too fast jare! So I ended the lecture feeling empty.

0930 - The 1.5 hour break before my class was unusually interesting, I was just hyper and I had loads of gists for my hommie, Paps.

I was just in a light mode, happy with life.

1100 - 2nd lecture was sick and annoying, at least for me, don't know about others o..so it was cut short some minutes to the end, off to my room I went. Couldn't stand one last class!!

1215 - STABBBB!!!!!

1900 - finally took the much needed step of responsibility. I picked up my notes, headed to the library to have some moments with purpose. And by purpose I mean my much neglected academic purpose.

Wasn't much fun reading High Voltage Engineering. Dry course content, unpredictable lecturer coordinating the course....not just a nice combo jare. God will see me through.

2100 - Back to that life of cafe closing 9pm...I reserve my comments on the people behind it all. But how can I not have access to a quality meal for dinner after that reading drained life out of me...mschewww

I'm loooooooving the evening...quality weather, quite chilly, and I'm treating myself to a warm cup of chocolate and some quality music!!!

Men, it's been long I put any note on Facebook, I should do that this week, I think I'm pregnant again, and asides I miss all those wonderful comments that spur me to do more!


TecknicoleurGrl said...

Aww... thanx Tolu..was great rubbing minds wiv u... Luv u too, Mr Akanni! U're greatly appreciated!

Tolu Akanni said...


This comment is yet another unusual cup of tea... m smile-grin-blushing o!

Juanita said...

Seems like your day went well, apart from the annoying lecture.
That's the best part (gisting peeps at break) :)

Tolu Akanni said...

quality gists yo!!