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Friday, April 9, 2010


It's hard to understand the mysteries of this life, the events of this life appear so complex, but yet they are so simple. I've come to realise further that success is not for the complex, it is for the simple; understanding simple principles, sticking to them without questioning ur beliefs.

The events of yesterday prepare us for today

Most of the things I learnt yesterday helped prepared me for today. God is a master planner!
I woke up today to the news that I'm not actually free from sch wahala as I had earlier anticipated, bt I just overlooked being charged for missing 1 out of 8 services n I went for the HSN prog 2 hear Mo n I sure did have a gud time there.

Men, this particular story took different twists that m nt interested in discussing, but the main deal was I initially made up my mind I wasn't gonna go clear anything....morning....afternoon....evening..... evening came, I had a meeting in chapel, and as I was discussing ideas wit a frnd, we jst decided to take a stroll to new cafe ATM. Almost getting to new cafe, I meet my roomie who just got cleared, he gave me the form he got for me n he advised I go clear myself. I stepped into that hall, overlooked the queue, went straight to the officer n I got cleared in less than 5mins!!
I have friends that calculated wasting 8hrs in a bid to get clearance!

And this brought to mind a statement I made to myself some Sundays back wen we almost got into trouble cos we were heading out to service late, I said
"In every tight situation, there are sacred cows; If anyone will get out of it, it has to be me!!"

I'm quoting this to reach out to my co-passengers at the lobby, don't be plagued by the "victim" mentality. Coping in this lobby is no joke, it's not for the feeble, u need bravery; bravery to overlook certain things, bravery to drawback n be calculated n not work with the spur of d moment as the rest of the crowd, bravery to fire ur maturity cos..c'mon ure nt new to the modus-operandi. In essence, realise that the mind is a big battlefield and u must understand that in any win-lose situation there are victims n there are victors, dare to be on the winning side!!

I had the perfect company to myself today!!! It was an idea day. Ur day doesn't get any better than hanging out with Mobi-D n Jaye-Restruct to share thots on events n other general issues. The thinking was MEGA....d concepts that came out were MEGA, it was the perfect meeting I has been waiting for all week long....recalling all of these, I have this big grin on my face as I type this.

It feels great when u step into a discussion n u find out that the subject of discuss is something uve been thinking about all week long, therz this glow that appears in ur face as u exchange thoughts!
The kind of things I think atimes are not things that I should be thinking, they are not things I should be thinking in the sense that most people in my immediate environment feel I should be thinking about. Most times I get scared to voice my innermost thoughts cos it mostly comes out to be perceived as the words of a proud man heading for a fall..lol..but again, If I don't build my castles with the words of my mouth, who will do it for me??

Prayer conference was quite refreshing yet again, that walk with Jaye-Restruct was a much needed expensive walk coming cheap, getting cleared added more colour to July 2, listening to good music from Chief Ebenezer Obey is doing me a lot of good rite now.

U guys sleep good, c ya 2mrw!!