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Monday, May 31, 2010


I shouldn't be caught blogging right now at the heat of preparations for tomorrow's papers, but kini big deal....let's do this jor!

My day was great!!!!
1. Exams. U guys don't want to know how I'd been feeling about the paper I wrote today. My CA scores were near zero, so the devil kept on haunting me with thoughts of remedial, summer n al those olodo tins...I prayed over this paper like no other, and as u'ld expect, God didn't dull me at al; everything was on point. I was soooooo excited after the exams, because this is like my one and only course this exams, and I'm so glad I scaled through.

2. W.H.I.T.E. Worship Him In The Evening. A 1hour (that 1hr has never happened) worship session we have in chapel on the last day of every month. Today was pure worship, no praise...n u can imagine how much I love worship services, it was really really refreshing and I had a nice time in his presence and as usual I saw things again, my eyes were opened to some things again...really God loves me badly, I can imagine how well he smiles each time I cry out to him...I have a special place in his heart.

I don't know why everyone is on 'efiko' mode tonight oh...reading like they didn't pass their mid-semesters....I'm just happy I've cleared today's paper, any other paper I'm writing has been cleared a long time ago.
Anyways, I'm off to join the crowd, I don't want to toy with that trap of overconfidence again.

I wish all those that are still writing exams more luck this week.


Sunday, May 30, 2010



My CU Sundays always make sense
The early rise
From the early wake-up call

Chapel services
The dance
The sermon
The lucky ones we get Papa to come for
He's mostly relaxed on Sundays

The fine faces
People look their best
Sharp suits
High heels

Fashion laffs
Unconfident first timers on heels
Rainbow panty hose
Ballon shirts
Oversized blazers

The post service moments
The weekly 'catch-up's
The cafe moments
The expensive dishes

The post-service naps
As in those long hours of sleep
Yeah, those lazy ones

The evening moments
Hospitality moments
Hospilality meetings
Exco meetings
General meetings
Those interesting group talks
Sermon on a date!!!

Post meeting moments
Group cafe dates
Long hours of chat
Hospitality office chilling

The closing sorrow the thought of Monday brings..

Sundays always make sense. Though prototyped kind of, each one comes with it's unique twist and over the years Sundays have been worthwhile.
I had another interesting one today, didn't spend enough time reading like I thought I would because I couldn't stand reading the same thing over and over again. Anyways, we hope God forbids the rumour spreading around about cancellation of exams tomorrow over public holiday, we've prayed for naija already, we don't want any of those provoking/irritating parleys/lectures.

Had quality time praying to God today, this week is a remarkable one in my life and I had to secure God's presence with me as I enter this new phase. Might not be so easy multitasking, but I trust God will bring His help my way.

I can't wait for exams to be over jor!!!! It's just limiting my mind trips, it's not easy to have the mind of a time traveller. My mind almost travelled out of the academic realm again this evening as I hung out with Paps and Omogeblack....arrgghhh...I was on top daydreaming form, Bonnie help me beg that Omoge to stop discussing business around me till June8 please!

Again it's been a great Sunday, hope you guys had fun too, do have a great week ahead!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Might not be worth reading
Because it's.....

I've not been impressing myself with what I've been writing lately, so this is an a random attempt to pick up form.

What can I talk about? Should I talk about the book cover concept I've been trying to talk about for three days? I've been trying to gather my thoughts together and put up a piece on the concept of first impression, and I've tried so hard to do put up something nice and nothing good has come out. The mere fact that I'm even trying to force it now seems like it will even kill it further, but like I don't want to stop typing cause I'm really hoping it will come out.

I'm hardly lucky with that super-duper first impression and I'm trying to make my experiences the base of my talk on this issue. U know, with time I've come to realise that I generally don't hit it big with people at first if all they just do is to look at me, it's in very view cases that I just kill it on the spot; like I have to talk before I can strike a meaningful impression...why?

Over time I've come to enjoy the fact that people have a perception of my personality that ends up being different from what they get when they finally meet me. I've met loads of people that can't believe I could actually crack them up because of the intense seriousness they see on the outside.

But u know, I kind of enjoy all of the drama you know. Ure all out for business and then u find that the business content is coming with a large chunk of pleasure. This brings me to a key lesson I've learnt from my years of meeting people of different personality, I've discovered that no matter how serious people look on the outside or how serious they could even be on their inside and how serious they want to get during conversations and all, everybody wants to have fun. People want that good laugh and to an extent they want to gather bits and pieces about your person, so give them what they want!!

Again I ask, do we really know what we want to read in the book after we are done picking it because of the book cover?
Argghhhhh.....I'm losing it.....I don't know what I'm saying again oh.
Can we link this impression thing to the babes we label "career sensitive, Jesus-loving, committed churchgoers" who we see ending up dating guys with contrasting qualities - the kind of guys we label "yuppy, random, fun-loving"?
Because me I've discovered that those "career sensitive, Jesus-loving, committed churchgoers" guys are mostly not happy; happy in the sense of being fun-loving and interesting. They just keep dulling.

Really, what am I talking about?
Ure the one that clicked oh....

I think I've been too happy these days, and I'm becoming unfamiliar with writing out of hurt and discomfort jare. I need to uncomfy with something soon. Writer's block is not for everybody, it is not my portion! I'm supposed to start pro writing by Monday o, I trust God to see me through.

@Jaycee, nice post....twas yet another inspiring one, Doug is equally good.
It's making me want to shut down my computer and lie on my bed to chill/chat with God. I want to be hot for real!

Friday, May 28, 2010



It's 6am in the morning
Unofficial day
No pending work to do
No 8am class to catch
No point for an early rise

Dawn of a chilling day
You wake up blank
No defined agenda
Its quiet
As mother nature speaks
You could probably hear the birds chirp

There's a melody in your heart
Hush...you are tempted to go back to bed
Listen a little longer
Slowly the melody gets louder
Gradually the melody translates into pictures

You are seeing things
Building things
Building castles
You now see things you can't contain
So you give up
Back to sleep, you attempt
Too late, your eyes are widely open
Melody - Pictures - Burden

It remains a burden until you deliver
A burden until you reach that bridge
The bridge where ideas meet reality
Reality equates accomplishment
Accomplishment, fulfilment

Fulfilment is inexistent
Soon you grow thirsty again
You seek a fresh burden
So you go back to listen
And the melody paints the pictures
Back to a burden that cries to be delivered again

Are you sure you really want to listen?

Thursday, May 27, 2010



messing up with the camera after a dissatisfied meal

Mummy came around today and even though it was a coincidence it felt like a children's day visit and again I felt like a child.

As I returned to my room after the visit with a refill for my basket of motherly blessings, my mind went on a trip again but this time it really didn't travel so far. I had to dwell on the memory of a particular moment I'd always looked forward to that finally came to life last April.

Those of us that are familiar with Papa will know about the story of how he sowed his first salary as a seed into the life of his grandmother, and in return she proclaimed the words "you shall be great" as a seed into his life. I had always looked forward to that moment myself, but coincidentally I found myself making along the line that my first pay cheque will go to God. So IT time came and I fulfilled that, giving my first pay cheque to God. Luckily for me I had this little business deal with my bro, the returns weren't so much on the high side, quite small but momc knew about it all along, so her birthday came and I just picked up the envelope that I stored all of the returns and I gave it to her cause it's never easy shopping for mom, she atimes advice we just give her the cash sef and stop shopping amiss.
I can remember giving her the envelope as I left for work tagged "first fruits of my little business". She was probably still in her sleepy state then and I could remember her calling me later on in the day that she can't accept the money from me oh...she was just showering blessings!

I got back from work, there was a special meal waiting for me and you will just know she appreciated it to her roots. I had never seen her like that before.

Her coming today made me appreciate the times and seasons of life. I can imagine what life is like for her and dad at this stage. Mom runs her own business so she can choose when she wants to work, but asides business, my eldest bro is married and the second who has always been around all the years has moved out to his own house so she just has plenty of spare time to miss all of us, plenty of spare time to day dream about her coming grandchildren, plenty of spare time to return back to square one, honeymoon - just her and her husband. This life ehn.....

Now we are youths
Soon young adults
Soon adults
Soon elders
Grandfathers, great grandfathers...on and on like that.

In essence, I love my mom, she's simply the best, she never stops making me feel like a child, and she made my childrens' day worthwhile and for many others who ate out of her pot today. God bless you ma!

My shout out to all the children in the world..hAPpy ChildRENs' day!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've gotten to a point in my life when I don't just know anymore. I just don't know, there's a new dimension to self discovery every day, new doors just keep opening, fresh insights seeping in, seriously you need to be inside me to understand some of these things, but the summary is I'm enjoying life and I'm loving the new twists. The stakes are getting higher, and this what makes life fun. I feel like I can dare anything, feel like I can achieve anything, feel like I can pull off anything.
I'm happy oh!!! Really happy.

My day was great
My early morning paper was on point, yet another 'A'
Then I had this crazy loooooong sleep through the afternoon.
I had to take a stroll this evening to unlearn since the academic content was too high...lol. You know my schooling is basically about the cycle of learn - unlearn - relearn - unlearn.
I learn in class
I unlearn in the course of the semester as a result of my bad 'no-revision' habit.
I relearn when exams are near.
Then I unlearn as soon as I'm done with my papers
There might be need to relearn later on again if a similar course content comes up in another course.
School is crazy jare!
Well, I had a nice time with my runaway Dami

I got my website up today!!!
Thanks to Foluso.
I've always wanted my own domain name since I was in JSS2...those my early days of HTML..hmnnn... I wonder why I gave up on programming.
Anyways, the website is like the next big deal, I can assure you of something superb by weekend, the concepts are dancing in my head, it's a big feast sef, I just need to make sure the ideas transcend that bridge successfully and cross over to reality. I'll put up the link soon.

My happiness today brings us back to something I've always talked about and I'm sure I must have mentioned here; Life just seems to operate with one funny wave like this....series of bad luck happening to the same sets of persons around the same time, and in another case, series of contracts just coming the way of already 'made' guys who really don't need the money, and then some people are just in the middle...good today, ok tomorrow, fair the day after.

It's that high line I want oh, and I think that's what is happening to me right now. Folks, pray for me please...I need a lot of it.


I leave you with these rap lines from a song that left an impression on my heart...wasn't easy interpreting this from Yoruba to English.

There are so many times that I've fallen and risen
So many clubbing nites that I couldnt afford Redbull
Many coloured shirts combined with one red shoe
So many witches, too many demons
Countless free shows
Countless folks telling me to give up
Telling me I'm too local and hiphop is not my thing
I was determined and I was focused
That's why name has spread like an epidemic
Uncountable 'yawa's...so many insults
Countless concoctions..many meals with no salt
Countless dreams of becoming a celebrity
Only to wake up and continue my hustle on the streets
When will I buy my infinity
Or my Armanda so I can show you the wonder

I have dreams of making Ajah my residence
I have dreams of becoming the Nigerian president
I'm encouraged by what presidents embezzle
Yet I'm discouraged by the curses heaped on them
I have dreams of becoming a pastor
But everytime I drink and I smoke weed silly
I have dreams of having the belief of Pastor Chris
But I'm carried away by the effizi of Ludacris
I have dreams of being as intelligent as Wole Soyinka
But can't happen cos the ladies keep flocking around
I have dreams of going to school and evolving a professor
But I'm being delayed by money like a bus from which ppl want to drop
I have dreams of playing soccer like Kaka
Who knows, tomorrow I might get signed by Barca

Dagrin had dreams
He sang about them
Some he lived
His dreams took his name to Google's 25th most searched word at some point in time
Don't stop dreaming!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


original image from Google images

Man is selfish
Men are selfish

They flock around you
Don't complain
They reason just like you do
They are out for what to gain

You are not the only one that is being strategic
They consider all of that too
They want your links
To join your network

'Value-based friendship' they say
They tap into your brand
They use you to pull off results
Some appreciate, some don't

It's all for the 'self'
To grow 'self'
To develop 'self'
All about 'self'

Don't care about all of that
You just keep giving
Ignore their motives and stay true
You can be sure you'll never run dry

It's been reading and reading all day. Chapel service was on point, revelation on the importance of 40days. Had a nice time answering some interview questions though...cant wait!!! Made a new friend today, and I've tried so hard to force this bangle out of my hand...no luck, might just use the scissors :-(
Tick tock, can't wait for 2mrw's paper!
Tick tock, 6am revision

Monday, May 24, 2010


I quit blogging today
therefore this post doesn't count, it is a 'no post' post.

How could I have missed it
How come all these don't jump on me
Must I always hustle for em?
Not after 60days of non-stop blogging!

Congrats to you Harry, 4 nominations no be beans oh!

I'm vexing for all those that might have visited and enjoyed my blog at one time or the other, how will I not make nominee list?

Dew, what happened to our fan base in Hungary now?
These CU people won't just vote

I know I like these vain things
They spice life up
My blogging low self esteem is back again
Yes, this is the 'P' button on active mode.
Anyways Category B nominations start soon, I'm going on massive hustling for that one, I gatz to belong.

Great start for the 'A' ride exams. The paper made sense and this is one 'A' down, 8 more to go!
Success wishes to all my folks out there, God's favour will bring the rain In Jesus name. Amen.

They say it's impossible

No, it's never done that way
No, no one has ever done it like that
No, it's not for new comers
No, new comers always start small

They don't see what you see
So they can't get you
They don't feel what you feel
They don't mean you bad
Just their ignorance that betrays them

Listen to me
It doesn't have to be traditional
It doesn't have to be regular
It only has to be you
It only has to be original

Photography by Phune

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm blessed beyond measure
And it just started speaking
The best is yet to come

Robot still not moving
Final exams kick off in a bit
No shaking, no worries
I'm blessed!

Strategic reading
Strategic understanding
Strategic cramming
That's what the season is all about

Making up for lost glory
Making up for the last glory
Acting right
Getting it all right
That's what's up

Pray for me.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


They say love is not blind
The moment she caught a glimpse of what I was seeing
She shut her eyes and followed my lead
My lady

They say use your head
She knew my head was 2-in-1
She dropped her head and picked up her heart
My lady

She read all of those theoretical books
I told her she didn't have to
She knew we were the one that wrote them
So she read me instead
My lady

She believes in me like no other
Her faith so strong
Her trust that pure
My lady

Those were my thoughts as my mind strayed towards the kind of lady that can cope with me.

I went to bed in the early hours of the day a bit down emotionally just because of how the season finale of Gossipgirl turned out, can you imagine? This is closely related on what I talked about some days back about what influence the materials you expose yourself to have on you.

Anyways, I slept with the intention of waking up early to go eat breakfast. Morning came and I had a swell time worshipping God before I stepped out; I didn't know why I just felt like I should go out for breakfast, and even after going out and not being able to get myself a meal I still can't understand why I went out.

Reading made a whole lot of sense today, my academic passion is still burning high and I can't wait for Monday!!!

Soccer evening was fun as we watched Inter Milan FC lift the champions league cup.

I'm looking forward to a beautiful church service tomorrow. Nite!!!

Welcome back Phuneh, hope you're back for real!


Finally, I got the excerpts of my book on this link
lemme know what you guys think..

Friday, May 21, 2010


Don't call me inconsistent
Consistency is my way of life
Don't paint me black
It was you who left me blank
Don't tag me 'unbecoming'
I told you it was coming

Is it just me or these last couple of days are actually more fun than I anticipated. As in, I've been smiling :-)
Life just seems to be more fun with each passing moment and I'm slowly beginning to fear the hours when I'll miss all of these... buh for now, I'm enjoying myself.

Final exams start on Monday and I can't feel the tension in the air yet, most people are just approaching it like it's a 10mark test...na wa oh! Anyways, I've resolved to make tomorrow 100% academics, I need to do my final reading for Monday's paper so I can enjoy a level of calmness on Sunday.
I just have this strong urge that this is my semester for straight 'A's and I can only trust God to prove himself as I play my part.

Let June 9 come on time jare so I can get to down to Lagos, distribute my July9 launch IVs, conclude on launch venue, start my mass print and live the dream.

The dream.
The dream is here
The hour is nigh
The wait no more
I can just picture that little ambitious me that sat down in that chapel on Monday, 17th October, 2005; this journey looked like a forever journey then but we didn't mind, we saw manhood coming at the end of the journey, we pictured the 'up's only, the thought of our down moments was far fetched, the energy was something else, our hopes at its peak.

5years almost complete and I've not done bad at all, I can only appreciate God who has been behind it all. Many ran off course, but I'm still here to tell my story.

The most valuable asset I can hold on to after it all is the gift of friendship. I have the best set of friends in the world, and I take pride in that.

On a day like this, I miss all my CU uncles and aunts who are already flying. God helped me so well that right from inception I've always had elderly ones who have picked interest in me, and it was in this final year when there was really no one above me that I read more meaning to the importance of the role they played. God bless them all!!
I can't wait to get out there and continue the relationship I have with them.
This one key area is where people get it wrong atimes, people see having senior ones around them as a burden, which is a seriously ignorant perspective to life. How can you not have persons that you are accountable to?

I probably place more value on this than the average person would because I grew up with two elderly brothers who are 9 and 7years older, and till date I always trace the roots of my oversized maturity to my brothers. I couldn't just be left out! They didn't give the opportunity to reason as a toddler, they always expected me to know things that were beyond my scope. So it's this same intellectual ambience I'm always looking out for in every new enviroment I find myself. God bless my brothers!!

I love all my friends and I don't care if this post is getting too long, I just have to recognize them. ;-)
I can't stand people who are not futuristic, so most of my friends are persons that always talk about THE DREAM. I am who I am today because of the talk I talk and the influence resulting from the talk. I like to talk the dream and I probably would never have gotten close to achieving any if I didn't have friends that just seem to believe me. My life happens to operate in such a fashion that if I'm within a group of people and I open my mouth to pronounce one, two things I want to achieve, I never rest until I do those things.
That's what my ego does for me
And that's what my friends do to me.
I like to relate with people based on where they are heading to; and if God's favour keeps shining on us, I should end up having the major captains of industries as 'childhood friends'!!
That's mega and I can't wait to step into that realm.
My friends are multifaceted, and that's what makes my life fun. I've never enjoyed a monotonous lifestyle and God keeps helping me to discover more and more persons who bring colours my way.

The fact that I have you read this every night keeps me going, and thanks for being there for me! I'm talking to you oh, not anyone else.

Catch you again tomorrow nite.


Special shout out to Bettyboopz, you made my day!

Y'al might want to get inspired by Mr Alder's thoughts here
(Jaycee :-D)

Here are some pics from Sunday......

after the service
Jiphil @ breakfast
Ify @ breakfast
all classy MOBI-D
Lamba @ d gig
EIE peeps


Editor in Chief, Mitre Magazine | Lamba | MoDee

C.E.O Restruct Consult endorsing "A-Z life lessons"

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Its the sound of new
Its the sound of fresh
Its a spark of fresh
That's what makes life fun
Yea spark, spur, stir
Prompt, propel, provoke
That's what makes my life fun

The newness of each day
The forgotten pains of yesterday
The knocking drama of each new day
God was right to have made night and day, and as a small kid then I could remember wondering why an unripe fruit will remain on the kitchen table all day and not get ripe, but then we go to bed and in a matter of hours, it gets riper. Biology classes came and the knowledge of 'dark reaction' wiped all of that ignorance away.
And then I just linked this to my thoughts tonite on how much information makes life fun and how stupid we could be when we find our dwelling in ignorance. I woke up this morning stumbling on some refreshing quotes from my mentor, Mr Alder and it kind of changed my outlook for the day, it set my thought pattern on another realm.
It got me heading to the library
It got me craving for my books
It got me studying for long
It got me smiling
It earned me a day worth evaluating
It got me placing more value on great starts
It got me wanting to advice you to kick off your tomorrow that way!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Your touch, I yearn for like no other
Your presence, like the bright morning sun
Your voice makes me quiver
When you call my name I shiver
You make me feel special
Your letters to me, like food to my hungry heart
I feel like seeing you
To hug you and tell you how much I love you.
I look foward to hearing your voice again
Even if all you'll say is I love you
Touch me again 'cause that makes all the difference
I love you
You are all I want
You are all that matters
Jesus my heart beats only for you


MOdUPE, hAPPY biRthdAY!!! ...you're a friend like no other!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's way past midnight
You are on your bed
Those thoughts are singing
You cant sleep 'cause of the beauty of this melody
You're caught up in the awe of it
Grab your pen
Pen it on paper
You'll cry it for it at dawn if you don't have it

I'm not supposed to be in the best of moods, but I think I have some form of undefined joy deep within. I just feel light today and I'm really cool with myself right now.

With the postponement of the project defense, couple of refreshing news, dramatic evening for everyone around me, seeing my worst test script ever a while ago, more and more drama..I still have joy. This is not some faith talk, I'm just happy.

I have really come a long way, I have been through times that made me doubt if I wanted to continue existence, and as it's always the case, I found myself stepping out of such situations regretting why I ever got bothered about them in the first place.

If this school doesn't teach you anything else, it teaches you this one thing; you learn how to be numb to the pressing issues you are faced with, and this one thing has helped me a lot. Atimes, I just feel irresponsible that some things don't bother me, but really responsibility could be a curse jare.
At this point, I wish I could switch to "hurt" mode and write some things out of the things that are supposed to be frustrating me, but I cant find it.

I'm out for something challenging
I'm thirsty for something tasking
A bit of the serious
A bit of the spooky
I think I should just divert this to my examinations, I just kept on asking myself why I haven't had straight 'A's so far...its painful jor, and even tho I really don't need it so to speak, it won't be a bad convocation package. God, do it oh!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Call me clumsy
Its my blog and I have to talk everyday
Call it lovely
I spent all my writing energy tonite shopping for this skin
Call me care-free
They say project defense is tomorrow and I ain't got nothing yet
Call me care-less
You can't cope in this place with your cares in place
CaLL mE slEePY
ANd I'lL lEt mY ShUttiNG eYes PrEVAil
Call it a nite
And I'll see you tomorrow to make real sense

Sunday, May 16, 2010



Today was a day like no other, the joy was one like no other.

Finally, May 16, 2010 came

Finally the first print of "A-Z life lessons" came and was dedicated to the God who made it possible.

One of the best lines I heard today came after we returned from the birthday gig and Aregbe said "Dreams come true"

Dreams come true!! I can remember getting teary and have tears roll down my cheeks when I write atimes but I'v never had goose bumps while typing...but this is it hear, hope I can contain myself though.

I'm just too happy, very happy, as in....extra happy.

The day didn't kick off so well, but slowly it gained momentum and....that was it!
There's no week I celebrate my birthday in CU that we don't have an unusual minister around..it was Pastor Isaac Oyedepo this time around, and men that's the best Sunday sermon we've had in ages. This guy is fantastic!!!!!!!! He killed it.

Had serious issues securing a venue for birthday gig...some woman was trying to give me crap and I dropped it heavy on her, she got all angry and.....venue changed!
Breakfast was like no other, In the words of Phuneh.."it was definitely the best day ever in CU for our new friends" Crazy, crazy, crazy fun and in the words of Restruct we could say "this is the dream"

The birthday gig went on well...there was too much food, my momc ehn..God bless her!

The feeling of holding that book in my hand was priceless, totally priceless...like Yinkeey would say "e baddd gan!" I was happy oh...too happy!

There was nobody that didn't like it, I can only pray the mass produce come out as tight as this first print.

I had too many wonderful moments crammed into one day and I just wished today I could have 48hrs in that one day.

I have to stop talking, too many thoughts rambling in my head at the same time.

Big ups 2 Ovie who said "I've read every note he has ever put up on Facebook, and I read all of his blogs" that blew my mind bro!

If you've not wished me happy birthday, be nice enough to do that now!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is a new journey ahead of me
365days of newness and freshness
One different from the regular

I seriously don't know what to expect
The make or mar season is here I think
Project defense right in front of me
Finals around somewhere around the corner

I've not even kicked off preparations
I can't even read
I've been in touch with that academic part of me

Tomorrow is just one remarkable day
The figures change, what next?
An increase in number, that's all?

I know there's a whole lot attached to it
Loads of uncertainties
Crazy, crazy uncertainties

As 2010 kicked off,
The first 6months, I could predict
The 5th is here and I dread the 7th already

I'm not supposed to be in panic
Seriously, I dont think there's any fear in me
I just wish I knew

I just wish I could be in charge
Hmn...that thing about being in charge

Tomorrow comes and this one thing will be in history
Oh..he has a book
But then a book is not enough

I should have bigger things
The wait to dine with princes is taking too long
The wait to build castles, overstretched

But really, why am I questioning existence
I saw all of these coming
So why the rant

I say no more before I offend my God
I take a chill pill as I gaze on the big picture
"As far as your eyes can see" He says

So I wait
Tomorrow, day of greatness
Tomorrow, beginning of something fresh

He's full of surprises
His ways so straight
Yet filled with mysteries

He's always up to something good
He knew what it was
Now I know what it is

Friday, May 14, 2010



I love fridays 'cause fridays are lecture free and it brings that air of freedom and the feeling of yet another fulfilled week, it brings memories of the golden friday ahead, Friday 2nd July, 2010.

1000 - As usual I woke up this particular friday with nothing on my mind, no specific agenda for the day, was basically down for anything!
Was happy to see that Myne Whitman finally visited my blog :-)
Too lazy for a cafe stroll..so it was breakfast indoors.

1200 - Had 3 movies I planned to watch, and if you know me so well, you'll know my planning to 3movies is quite impossible! Well, I tried...I watched one, after taking regular breaks to do one, two things around me...cant even rmbr d name of d movie anymore sef and I'v deleted it!
Facebook catch up with Bonnie made sense sha....still cant believe you've been on blogspot all along!

1400 - Picked on a second movie - illegal tender - and it made maddd sense just like I was told (I only watch movies that have been hyped)

1740 - Headed out to the chapel to see Chaplain so I can get him around for the book dedication, saw P on my way down...so O as I got to chapel...chaplain - nt around.

1800 - CPC entertainmennt meeting. Really cool today....large house, nice concepts popping up.

1920 - Left chapel to go 2 cafe....ran into O again, so we go 2 cafe together. Getting to cafe, loads of familiar faces around...razz omogeblack screaming my name just bcos she couldnt help my arrival....omo yen ti razz ju jare.
That babe of the other day that I didnt want to talk to yet....one thing led to another and her friend just brought her into a conversation we were having.....one, two things...me I dunno o...

Was really a nice time in cafe wit my hommies sha, n O chilled wit us all thru.

Bonnie....leave my page jor!

Fully planned, fully booked saturday...let's go!

Thursday, May 13, 2010



All that I am and all that I will be is a function of influence. Society is built by influence, influence is the building block of personalities, it is the clay with which one's character is moulded.

I am an Akanni today because of my father's influence on a one time Miss Ajao. I am a christain today and I love God today because I was made to go to church every Sunday to learn about God.
The word christainity was coined from Christains and christains were said to be people that lived their lives like that of Christ; in order words Christainity is a result of the influence Christ had on his world.

I can write today because my mind was open to learning. Opened to learning by influence of my parents who made sure I was enrolled in various institutions of learning at different times of my life time in order for me to be influenced.
These institutions of learning that we call schools can also be called "influence arena"

Experience is a major driver of influence. Experiences influence us over and over again. As a child, I could reach for a burning flame with no sense of drawback or fear of wrong, but the first time I touch a burning flame and it sends a burning sensation down my sensory nerves, that action goes down into my experience archives and that moment in time - which we call experience - keeps recalling from my subconscious each time I see a burning flame.

We think success today because experience fluently tells us the tale of two cities, one of failure and one of success. The former in which there is displeasure, frustration, sorrow and waste; the latter in which there is excitement, joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Influence is everything.

Influence determines your lot in life, and if you would agree with me that experience is truly a major driver of influence, then you should watch what you experience.

If your experience tells you that a moving train is heading to the city of failure, you jump off that train in anticipation that soon another ride will come to lead you to the city of success. But who says failure is the last stop of that moving train? What if journeying to the city of success demands that you travel in through the city of failure?

Shouldn't we even question these two cities? Is there any such thing as failure or success??

Ahhh....I don't know what I'm saying again oh.

The essence of this gist is that experience could be limiting, it is expedient for you to approach certain things with a free mind, a clean slate - Tabula raza

Tell me how you see these things.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey guys its that time of the year again
this year the awards has been put together by goodnajagirl(GNG)
she put a lot of hardwork into it
please head over and nominate your favourite blogs for the Category A nominations
nominations will be open till 24th May 2010
thereafter the top contenders will be annouced
and voting will begin on Category A
please head over to the website for more details
dont forget to pick a bloggers award badge for your blog
and put in those nominations
do your bit
thanks for your time
to go to the Nigerian Blog Awards site click HERE

Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! It's been 50days of non-stop blogging!!!!!

It has been a beautiful week for me....mid-semesters made sense. Some miraculous things coming my way, new challenges, project submission getting closer, interesting developments on A-Z.

That talk on sacred cows, the successful, the failures, how we all find ourselves in various categories per time and all of those things have been playing round my mind all day, really can't explain why I keep thinking about it sha.....The same set of things happens to the same set of people, this simple 'luck' operation that we call destiny.

I stumbled on this food for thought:
"The happiest people dont necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way"

So why are you complaining about ur lack?
If you can think well enough, what you have is enough

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



I like to be in my own world
I like to be in my own class
I like to be VIP

I like to know the quality is high
I like to know the price is high
I like to be in a niche

I like to roll big
Roll with the high
And roll with the mighty

I like to impress
I like the compliments
I like to know you like my style

I like to have my fun
High social life
With no offence to God

I like the ladies
Baby face
And cute curves

I like to have friends
They are always relevant
I would be dead without friends

I like to look not 20
I like to be rated far above
And humbly admit "I'm just 20"

I like to be respected
I like to favour people
That sense of gratitude that follows

I like to talk
I like to talk smart
And show intellectual prowess

I like to have money
I like to lavish it
I like to think money is cheap

I like to be proud
I like to claim humility
And tag it "high self esteem"

I like to go wild
Wild in thoughts
And not think the regular

I like to be a time traveller
Not of the flesh
But of the mind

I like "A-Z: life lessons"
I like to know it's my book
It spurs me to believe in myself

I like to negotiate
Bargaining, business is fun!!
I like to be cocky at such hours

I like "el Fiz"
I like its creativity base
It reminds me of daddy in heaven

I love my family
I like the priceless support
I like to know I'll have one someday

I love God
I like to know I look like him

I like to express myself
Drop it raw
And not believe it was me

Monday, May 10, 2010



Slowly it gets burdensome
Slowly it gets tougher
Slowly it becomes unbearable

Months looking like centuries
Weeks looking like decades
Days looking like years

Time just seem to have frozen
The lamp of patience, out of oil
Thirsty, the cry of freedom

O ti su mi men
O ti bo lorun mi
Osi yi ti poju

Surely it will come
Surely this will be over
Slowly but surely, July 2 beckons

...one of those things u write wen ure up @ 2am in d morning 2 read and therz no water 2 drink, n therz nothin 2 eat

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Wonderful day with wonderful exploits!

Happy Mothers' day to Mrs Akanni and all other great mothers out there!

1000 - Chapel service was cool. I wasnt really a part of the service anyways, I was involved in one conversation or another through the length of the 3hour service. It was just my networking day!
I sat down with a particular friend/ex-colleague at Skye, we got talking and all I can say now is, I got a step closer to realising my dreams..hmmn...God works in mysterios ways!
There are too many people with long legs in this place, and somehow I just keep running into them..yaayyy!!! :-D

1330 - Had plenty readin to do after the service, ahead of the 3tests I'm writing tomorrow.

1600 - The last game for the 2009/2010 season of premier league. CHELSEA!!!!!! It was indeed our moment of glory, I was particularly overjoyed

1800 - Hospitality meeting...quality post-meeting moments with P. P ehn? hmmnpph......ok o

2000 - Back to the hostel and it's Food, food, food...from one birthday to another, to visiting moms e.t.c So I returned to my room after the feasting to crash

2300 - Up again, and after the 2hour study + 15mins blogging, I think its time to hit the sheets again.

CHELSEA proud champions of England..Won the league in style..103 goals scored in the league, 141 goals scored in all competitions, Didier Drogba(35 goals - Golden Boot) Lampard (27 goals - 1st midfielder in history of premier league to reach the 20 league goal mark), Petr cech (Golden Gloves), series of large margin victories..8-0, 7-1, 7-2, 7-0, 5-0 etc..It's an Incontrovertible fact, dat we'r d best team in England

Saturday, May 8, 2010



With my face buried in my palms I began to feel some moisture in my pams, and as the melody in that enviromemt grew louder, I could feel more liquid dripping down my arms as the flow from my pams continued.
It wasn't sweat, it was flowing out of my eyes, my tears.
How did this happen?

0730 - Quite an early rise for a Saturday, after sleeping late I couldn't explain how I happened to be up that early, but I freed all of that and I decided to do my laundry.

Tick tock, breakfast

Tick tock, phone calls

Tick tock, movie

On and on like that I moved from one random activity to amother, I even took a nap at some point.

1700 - Clinic visitation hour. I had made up my mind it was gonna be an indoor weekend, so.....I had to skip that for the first time this semester, I think.
I got on the Internet and I was just chatting with friends.

1800 - Guys come to remind me of Choir concert and I'm like e yah....I shouldn't have made that indoor decision, but what can I do? I'm going no where.

1900 - I leave my room to go look for a friend only to discover that the hostel is practically empty! When did people start getting this crazy over religious functions that are not compulsory. "Tolu, go!" "I'm not jor!!!"

So I return to my room, sat down to read for monday's tests.

2000 - My roomie stepped out only to retrun in utter shock as regards why everyone was out there in the Chapel and we were in the hall. Quickly, he dressed up and left.
"I'm not going anywhere oh, particularly now that I'm enjoying my study"
"Tolu, for God"
I put up a serious fight, but that inner man won't just allow me rest!

2020 - I pick up a polo, refused to iron it, put it on like that and I head to the chapel.
As soon as I entered that place, I sat down in an unusual spot and I could feel the wave of the Spirit. God's presence was heavy!!
"lead me Lord and I will go after you" was the particular line everyone was singing and before I knew it....I had not spent up to 5mins in that auditorium....
....I had my face buried in my palms, and I began to feel some moisture in my palms, and as the melody grew louder, I could feel more liquid dripping down my arms as the flow from my palms continued.
It wasn't sweat, it was flowing out of my eyes, my tears...I was weeping uncontrollably. Recalling that moment, I couldn't believe that happened in public....but men, at that moment it was like I had memories of my entire life coming in a flash, and then I just saw what He has made out of me and I looked at where I'm going too....and.... I fear God!!

"lead me Lord and I will go after you"

Friday, May 7, 2010



What do people do when they are indoors?
Being indoors is not particularly active part of my CU life, it doesn't just work for me! Atimes I feel like I overdo the outdoor life, but again what's there to do indoors.

My outdoor life has been on the low this week, the whole down turn seemed to have started with that 'Audi-man' experience. Being outdoors doesn't just feel free again, I just don't feel as relaxed as I used to...we always find it hard to erase our past rite? But this is not the first time this kinda thing is coming up now, but it's the same experience come with a different feeling this time. The fact that I dont want to be clean shaven means I have to put my 6th sense to vain use by getting so sensitive as to ensure I escape all those people.That 56days to go factor..I can't just stand staining the clean sheet, 5yrs offence-form-free state is not something you easily come by in a place like this, so it's worth protecting.

Again, what's the motivation for staying indoors?
Indoor life potrays you as a focused person? You're perceived as calculated, no roaming around the streets and all...
But again, staying outdoors is not just right for we talkatives...argghh!!! Baba understands.

In essence, balance they say is the key to life; things shouldn't be over done.

I'm looking forward to a week in this school that I'll just be on super-hyper mode, laugh with anybody, get as random as possible, and in general just take a calculated departure from the regular because its needed. Those are the things that make life fun.

There's something about looking for big things in the most unusual places, I'm trying to get a good grip of that phenomenom...but men, it's just sweet when you go all out for something mega and all the mega sources just seem to fail, you move past the mega taking a stroll through the micro heading to the "give-up" island, the minuscule just seems to draw your attention and that tiny pick ends up being the next biggggg deal....I love this life!

If I begin to state examples...you'll just doze off on this page. lol

No serious plans yet for Saturday, I hope to make it an indoor one though...let's see how it goes.

#Now Playing
Song: Thank God
Artist: Dagrin ft Omawumi

I used to think 9ice was the deepest Naija could produce, then M.I came n blew our minds, I've never sat down to listen to this guy up until this time of his death and men...hez got some deep lines. This issue of people not being 'deep' these days is rather appauling you know, thats why I loooooove people that are deep...they always stand out!

Read the prestigious Mr Mike Awoyinfa had to say about Dagrin here
Care to know one or two things about Adenuga's childhood? Click

P.S. My tracker tells me there are folks in UAE that follow my blog, please I'ld love to meet you. Send me a mail one of these days. tolulopeakanni@yahoo.com



I'm gonna be 21 in a couple of days..hmnn...21 just sounds like a big figure jare. I wish I was graduating at 20 men...this 21 just sounds too old ''I got my B.Eng when I was 21" ayanma!..lol...that can't be changed!

So what do I want for my birthday?


If you're gonna buy me a book, make a Leke Alder pick!

A Blackberrytour-9630......considering it's a major graduation requirement, I have to belong oh!
I enjoy writing...one of those corporate Journals will do and a pen to match nyz
Fine shirts...if you're visiting Jermyn street, make a stop over at the Francombs store
I plan to venture into leisure photography soon...so a Pro Camera would be appreciated

I love cakes...chocolate cakes are my favourite

If your gift ever comes with a birthday card...note tha the only tin I read is the handwritten text.
Most importantly...I love gifts that are outside the box, so surprise me with something unusual

Thursday, May 6, 2010



I dunno men...I think I should just keep it random

Random, random!!

I have 2 tests 2mrw...cramming capacity exceeded. Cram tank, overflowing!

From what I'm seeing on my Facebook homepage, I miss Bugbemi..hez a perfect dad-friend to have around this July, buh I guess I just have to improvise.

Again I see that babe I've been seeing for over 2,3years now and we never talk, and it's the same staring at each other today again...and I'm asking myself..why?
I talk to her and we become friends and the moments of staring end there?
I talk to her, the conversation doesn't go so well and...?
I'm waiting for her to come and holla so I can feel like I'm the boss?
I talk to her, she shells...or shez got this irritating accent and...?
But really it's not just this babe alone oh...other faces too like that.
So I wonder, why do we do that cos me I dunno oh?

I'm in between sleep and awake
But I have to talk! It's my word, it's my bond

Random, random
I think I wasnt so happy just a couple of minutes back and maybe thats what I should have talked about tonight...but who wants to read about that?
But I'm working on my tongue....things dont always come out well when my "P" button is pushed.

Random, random
Yar'Adua dies :-(
I write a 10am TMC test (ehn ehn...me n R saw 1 CIS babe dubbing TMC from beginning to the end oh...she didnt use her question paper for once, and to make things worse, the person she was dubbing was seating on the chair behind her...dat babe is PRO!)
Chancellor's assembly in hour of the late president
The test I didn't read for was cancelled
Read, Read, Read!! 2 tests tomorrow!!
Was wit Mac a bit this evening...musta pissed her off at some point :-(....I'm sowi!!!

If the post wasnt worth it...pele oh, c ya 2mrw
To my bed I return!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



I was so excited as I slept yesterday night, and when I find myself in such moods I always have something to pen down. These were my thoughts for that hour...

I don't know how you do it
But it's obvious you have a thing for me
I don't know why you do it
Cause it necessarily doesn't have to be me

Doubt if I impress you so good
Infact it's not a matter of being impressive
I know I don't always impress
Not when I lie
Not when I cheat
Not when I act stupid
Not when I don't speak right

But you seem to cope good with all of these
Never for once do you mind putting up with these

I don't know how to thank you
I don't know how best to appreciate you
Hope this short piece goes a long way
I just wanna say Thank you Lord!!!


These are times when I go to bed smiling!
I smile because I know I will soon wake up a champion
I smile because my life is about to change
I smile because I quit being ordrinary

I see the cheers
I smell the jeers
I can touch the accolades
It's here
It's here already
Right here staring at me in the eye
The future is now!

My life is about to change
No longer business as usual
God, see me through
Don't let me lose it to the fame
Don't let me lose on you

I hope for the milions to come
And I'll still stand sure
I hope for the billions to come
And I'll still stand undistracted

I hope for the germination to come
Whilst I sow
I hope for the harvest to come
Whilst I labour

16.08.1951 – 5.05. 2010

R.I.P Yar'Adua