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Thursday, May 27, 2010



messing up with the camera after a dissatisfied meal

Mummy came around today and even though it was a coincidence it felt like a children's day visit and again I felt like a child.

As I returned to my room after the visit with a refill for my basket of motherly blessings, my mind went on a trip again but this time it really didn't travel so far. I had to dwell on the memory of a particular moment I'd always looked forward to that finally came to life last April.

Those of us that are familiar with Papa will know about the story of how he sowed his first salary as a seed into the life of his grandmother, and in return she proclaimed the words "you shall be great" as a seed into his life. I had always looked forward to that moment myself, but coincidentally I found myself making along the line that my first pay cheque will go to God. So IT time came and I fulfilled that, giving my first pay cheque to God. Luckily for me I had this little business deal with my bro, the returns weren't so much on the high side, quite small but momc knew about it all along, so her birthday came and I just picked up the envelope that I stored all of the returns and I gave it to her cause it's never easy shopping for mom, she atimes advice we just give her the cash sef and stop shopping amiss.
I can remember giving her the envelope as I left for work tagged "first fruits of my little business". She was probably still in her sleepy state then and I could remember her calling me later on in the day that she can't accept the money from me oh...she was just showering blessings!

I got back from work, there was a special meal waiting for me and you will just know she appreciated it to her roots. I had never seen her like that before.

Her coming today made me appreciate the times and seasons of life. I can imagine what life is like for her and dad at this stage. Mom runs her own business so she can choose when she wants to work, but asides business, my eldest bro is married and the second who has always been around all the years has moved out to his own house so she just has plenty of spare time to miss all of us, plenty of spare time to day dream about her coming grandchildren, plenty of spare time to return back to square one, honeymoon - just her and her husband. This life ehn.....

Now we are youths
Soon young adults
Soon adults
Soon elders
Grandfathers, great grandfathers...on and on like that.

In essence, I love my mom, she's simply the best, she never stops making me feel like a child, and she made my childrens' day worthwhile and for many others who ate out of her pot today. God bless you ma!

My shout out to all the children in the world..hAPpy ChildRENs' day!!!!!!


Harry-Rami Itie said...


You did not just show the indomie bowl...lol

Tolu Akanni said...

...pictures don't lie!