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Friday, May 7, 2010



What do people do when they are indoors?
Being indoors is not particularly active part of my CU life, it doesn't just work for me! Atimes I feel like I overdo the outdoor life, but again what's there to do indoors.

My outdoor life has been on the low this week, the whole down turn seemed to have started with that 'Audi-man' experience. Being outdoors doesn't just feel free again, I just don't feel as relaxed as I used to...we always find it hard to erase our past rite? But this is not the first time this kinda thing is coming up now, but it's the same experience come with a different feeling this time. The fact that I dont want to be clean shaven means I have to put my 6th sense to vain use by getting so sensitive as to ensure I escape all those people.That 56days to go factor..I can't just stand staining the clean sheet, 5yrs offence-form-free state is not something you easily come by in a place like this, so it's worth protecting.

Again, what's the motivation for staying indoors?
Indoor life potrays you as a focused person? You're perceived as calculated, no roaming around the streets and all...
But again, staying outdoors is not just right for we talkatives...argghh!!! Baba understands.

In essence, balance they say is the key to life; things shouldn't be over done.

I'm looking forward to a week in this school that I'll just be on super-hyper mode, laugh with anybody, get as random as possible, and in general just take a calculated departure from the regular because its needed. Those are the things that make life fun.

There's something about looking for big things in the most unusual places, I'm trying to get a good grip of that phenomenom...but men, it's just sweet when you go all out for something mega and all the mega sources just seem to fail, you move past the mega taking a stroll through the micro heading to the "give-up" island, the minuscule just seems to draw your attention and that tiny pick ends up being the next biggggg deal....I love this life!

If I begin to state examples...you'll just doze off on this page. lol

No serious plans yet for Saturday, I hope to make it an indoor one though...let's see how it goes.

#Now Playing
Song: Thank God
Artist: Dagrin ft Omawumi

I used to think 9ice was the deepest Naija could produce, then M.I came n blew our minds, I've never sat down to listen to this guy up until this time of his death and men...hez got some deep lines. This issue of people not being 'deep' these days is rather appauling you know, thats why I loooooove people that are deep...they always stand out!

Read the prestigious Mr Mike Awoyinfa had to say about Dagrin here
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P.S. My tracker tells me there are folks in UAE that follow my blog, please I'ld love to meet you. Send me a mail one of these days. tolulopeakanni@yahoo.com


yankeenaijababe said...

You have to find something fun to do while indoors. Maybe play some games online as a guy, it should work for you.

Do some push-up or make a meal. Call a friend , do your laundry, tidy everywhere...sleep

Ur busy days will keep you wanting those quiet indoor days, take advantage of it. Have a good one

Tolu Akanni said...

Ok...thnks 4 helping with a perfect weekend schedule.

True talk, I can absolutely relate with that last paragraph

dew said...

ok...my last comment for today! Not really a comment sha...just saying hope u dnt mind I tell evry1 abt ur blog...can't get over it (oh yes...I like to tell it as it is). My rommie thinks I'm crazy! Plus pls help me say "happy birthday" to Harry! thanks :)

Tolu Akanni said...

looool...sry, I ddnt c Harry in person 2day.
Its WWW - world wide web. Feel free 2 spread d word!
My regards 2 ur roomie!