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Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is a new journey ahead of me
365days of newness and freshness
One different from the regular

I seriously don't know what to expect
The make or mar season is here I think
Project defense right in front of me
Finals around somewhere around the corner

I've not even kicked off preparations
I can't even read
I've been in touch with that academic part of me

Tomorrow is just one remarkable day
The figures change, what next?
An increase in number, that's all?

I know there's a whole lot attached to it
Loads of uncertainties
Crazy, crazy uncertainties

As 2010 kicked off,
The first 6months, I could predict
The 5th is here and I dread the 7th already

I'm not supposed to be in panic
Seriously, I dont think there's any fear in me
I just wish I knew

I just wish I could be in charge
Hmn...that thing about being in charge

Tomorrow comes and this one thing will be in history
Oh..he has a book
But then a book is not enough

I should have bigger things
The wait to dine with princes is taking too long
The wait to build castles, overstretched

But really, why am I questioning existence
I saw all of these coming
So why the rant

I say no more before I offend my God
I take a chill pill as I gaze on the big picture
"As far as your eyes can see" He says

So I wait
Tomorrow, day of greatness
Tomorrow, beginning of something fresh

He's full of surprises
His ways so straight
Yet filled with mysteries

He's always up to something good
He knew what it was
Now I know what it is


dew said...

happy birthday Tolu, may the LORD our GOD bless, establish, endorse, keep, guide and protect you; may HIS royal freshness be upon you and HIS efizzy emit from you in JESUS name, AMEN...have a wonderful day and many years ahead!

Tolu Akanni said...


Thanks dew, I really do appreciate all of these. Thanks!