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Thursday, May 6, 2010



I dunno men...I think I should just keep it random

Random, random!!

I have 2 tests 2mrw...cramming capacity exceeded. Cram tank, overflowing!

From what I'm seeing on my Facebook homepage, I miss Bugbemi..hez a perfect dad-friend to have around this July, buh I guess I just have to improvise.

Again I see that babe I've been seeing for over 2,3years now and we never talk, and it's the same staring at each other today again...and I'm asking myself..why?
I talk to her and we become friends and the moments of staring end there?
I talk to her, the conversation doesn't go so well and...?
I'm waiting for her to come and holla so I can feel like I'm the boss?
I talk to her, she shells...or shez got this irritating accent and...?
But really it's not just this babe alone oh...other faces too like that.
So I wonder, why do we do that cos me I dunno oh?

I'm in between sleep and awake
But I have to talk! It's my word, it's my bond

Random, random
I think I wasnt so happy just a couple of minutes back and maybe thats what I should have talked about tonight...but who wants to read about that?
But I'm working on my tongue....things dont always come out well when my "P" button is pushed.

Random, random
Yar'Adua dies :-(
I write a 10am TMC test (ehn ehn...me n R saw 1 CIS babe dubbing TMC from beginning to the end oh...she didnt use her question paper for once, and to make things worse, the person she was dubbing was seating on the chair behind her...dat babe is PRO!)
Chancellor's assembly in hour of the late president
The test I didn't read for was cancelled
Read, Read, Read!! 2 tests tomorrow!!
Was wit Mac a bit this evening...musta pissed her off at some point :-(....I'm sowi!!!

If the post wasnt worth it...pele oh, c ya 2mrw
To my bed I return!


Nice Anon said...

Err I am confused by the premise of this blog. Are you sitting down at some airport? Or is that a metaphor for life?

Tolu Akanni said...

lol...its a metaphor for life.
The university is the airport
Graduation is d flight!
Thanks 4 checkin me out

dew said...

raANdoM cOmMenT:
twas worth it...
take a chance,say hi to her...but when you do she may not respond, she may feel you want more...your approach determines everything. Most times I say random "hi's" when I see ppl I've seen for too long, they think I'm crazy (at least that's how I think they act)but I know one day when they (or evn I) get stuck, they'll come up to me and say hi back...then bravo, we become accessible! (thanks...I think I'm goin to write on that!)
and yeah...sometimes words dnt go they right way we send them!

dew said...

*the* right way...

Tolu Akanni said...

lol..I don't want jor! Its nt meeting her dat is d prob...I think I'm enjoyin it this way...doubt if I wanna meet her