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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's way past midnight
You are on your bed
Those thoughts are singing
You cant sleep 'cause of the beauty of this melody
You're caught up in the awe of it
Grab your pen
Pen it on paper
You'll cry it for it at dawn if you don't have it

I'm not supposed to be in the best of moods, but I think I have some form of undefined joy deep within. I just feel light today and I'm really cool with myself right now.

With the postponement of the project defense, couple of refreshing news, dramatic evening for everyone around me, seeing my worst test script ever a while ago, more and more drama..I still have joy. This is not some faith talk, I'm just happy.

I have really come a long way, I have been through times that made me doubt if I wanted to continue existence, and as it's always the case, I found myself stepping out of such situations regretting why I ever got bothered about them in the first place.

If this school doesn't teach you anything else, it teaches you this one thing; you learn how to be numb to the pressing issues you are faced with, and this one thing has helped me a lot. Atimes, I just feel irresponsible that some things don't bother me, but really responsibility could be a curse jare.
At this point, I wish I could switch to "hurt" mode and write some things out of the things that are supposed to be frustrating me, but I cant find it.

I'm out for something challenging
I'm thirsty for something tasking
A bit of the serious
A bit of the spooky
I think I should just divert this to my examinations, I just kept on asking myself why I haven't had straight 'A's so far...its painful jor, and even tho I really don't need it so to speak, it won't be a bad convocation package. God, do it oh!!!


Myne Whitman said...

I love the frame of mind you're in, it lifts my spirit too. All the best.

ps, love the new template but miss that picture...:)

dew said...

coming back to read this, but this background is WOW! great! :)

Tolu Akanni said...

Myne, that's gud 2 knw. Thanks...I'm stil workin on bringing that picture back sum hw.

@ Dew, it looks like 5hrs of skin-shopping n tweaking html codes wasnt a waste after all.. thanks :-D