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Monday, May 24, 2010


I quit blogging today
therefore this post doesn't count, it is a 'no post' post.

How could I have missed it
How come all these don't jump on me
Must I always hustle for em?
Not after 60days of non-stop blogging!

Congrats to you Harry, 4 nominations no be beans oh!

I'm vexing for all those that might have visited and enjoyed my blog at one time or the other, how will I not make nominee list?

Dew, what happened to our fan base in Hungary now?
These CU people won't just vote

I know I like these vain things
They spice life up
My blogging low self esteem is back again
Yes, this is the 'P' button on active mode.
Anyways Category B nominations start soon, I'm going on massive hustling for that one, I gatz to belong.

Great start for the 'A' ride exams. The paper made sense and this is one 'A' down, 8 more to go!
Success wishes to all my folks out there, God's favour will bring the rain In Jesus name. Amen.

They say it's impossible

No, it's never done that way
No, no one has ever done it like that
No, it's not for new comers
No, new comers always start small

They don't see what you see
So they can't get you
They don't feel what you feel
They don't mean you bad
Just their ignorance that betrays them

Listen to me
It doesn't have to be traditional
It doesn't have to be regular
It only has to be you
It only has to be original

Photography by Phune


Harry-Rami Itie said...

Thanks man for the shout out...really appreciate it

dew said...

mehn! I found this post hilarious but yet sincere as usual.
Honestly, I ddnt take it serious oh, I ddnt evn vote sef...but pls hit me when category B would start. I'll hustle too. You knw u've been a great blogger, new or old!
btw, great photography by Phune.

You may not have been nominated but its just for now, bcos I knw u've made great impacts too!

dew said...

and I'm so sorry I ddnt vote.

Tolu Akanni said...

@ Harry, sure thing anyday anytime, ure my guy!

@ Dew, looooool....dnt mind my rant jor. Nothing personal over the voting, just kidding you jare. I love comebacks, dnt worry we'll catch them by surprise.