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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Might not be worth reading
Because it's.....

I've not been impressing myself with what I've been writing lately, so this is an a random attempt to pick up form.

What can I talk about? Should I talk about the book cover concept I've been trying to talk about for three days? I've been trying to gather my thoughts together and put up a piece on the concept of first impression, and I've tried so hard to do put up something nice and nothing good has come out. The mere fact that I'm even trying to force it now seems like it will even kill it further, but like I don't want to stop typing cause I'm really hoping it will come out.

I'm hardly lucky with that super-duper first impression and I'm trying to make my experiences the base of my talk on this issue. U know, with time I've come to realise that I generally don't hit it big with people at first if all they just do is to look at me, it's in very view cases that I just kill it on the spot; like I have to talk before I can strike a meaningful impression...why?

Over time I've come to enjoy the fact that people have a perception of my personality that ends up being different from what they get when they finally meet me. I've met loads of people that can't believe I could actually crack them up because of the intense seriousness they see on the outside.

But u know, I kind of enjoy all of the drama you know. Ure all out for business and then u find that the business content is coming with a large chunk of pleasure. This brings me to a key lesson I've learnt from my years of meeting people of different personality, I've discovered that no matter how serious people look on the outside or how serious they could even be on their inside and how serious they want to get during conversations and all, everybody wants to have fun. People want that good laugh and to an extent they want to gather bits and pieces about your person, so give them what they want!!

Again I ask, do we really know what we want to read in the book after we are done picking it because of the book cover?
Argghhhhh.....I'm losing it.....I don't know what I'm saying again oh.
Can we link this impression thing to the babes we label "career sensitive, Jesus-loving, committed churchgoers" who we see ending up dating guys with contrasting qualities - the kind of guys we label "yuppy, random, fun-loving"?
Because me I've discovered that those "career sensitive, Jesus-loving, committed churchgoers" guys are mostly not happy; happy in the sense of being fun-loving and interesting. They just keep dulling.

Really, what am I talking about?
Ure the one that clicked oh....

I think I've been too happy these days, and I'm becoming unfamiliar with writing out of hurt and discomfort jare. I need to uncomfy with something soon. Writer's block is not for everybody, it is not my portion! I'm supposed to start pro writing by Monday o, I trust God to see me through.

@Jaycee, nice post....twas yet another inspiring one, Doug is equally good.
It's making me want to shut down my computer and lie on my bed to chill/chat with God. I want to be hot for real!


Myne Whitman said...

yeah I was the one that clicked, lol. Writing has always been a let out for me. I wish you luck with the pro-writing...have a lovely week.

Tolu Akanni said...

lol...told ya!

thanks...wish u d same