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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've gotten to a point in my life when I don't just know anymore. I just don't know, there's a new dimension to self discovery every day, new doors just keep opening, fresh insights seeping in, seriously you need to be inside me to understand some of these things, but the summary is I'm enjoying life and I'm loving the new twists. The stakes are getting higher, and this what makes life fun. I feel like I can dare anything, feel like I can achieve anything, feel like I can pull off anything.
I'm happy oh!!! Really happy.

My day was great
My early morning paper was on point, yet another 'A'
Then I had this crazy loooooong sleep through the afternoon.
I had to take a stroll this evening to unlearn since the academic content was too high...lol. You know my schooling is basically about the cycle of learn - unlearn - relearn - unlearn.
I learn in class
I unlearn in the course of the semester as a result of my bad 'no-revision' habit.
I relearn when exams are near.
Then I unlearn as soon as I'm done with my papers
There might be need to relearn later on again if a similar course content comes up in another course.
School is crazy jare!
Well, I had a nice time with my runaway Dami

I got my website up today!!!
Thanks to Foluso.
I've always wanted my own domain name since I was in JSS2...those my early days of HTML..hmnnn... I wonder why I gave up on programming.
Anyways, the website is like the next big deal, I can assure you of something superb by weekend, the concepts are dancing in my head, it's a big feast sef, I just need to make sure the ideas transcend that bridge successfully and cross over to reality. I'll put up the link soon.

My happiness today brings us back to something I've always talked about and I'm sure I must have mentioned here; Life just seems to operate with one funny wave like this....series of bad luck happening to the same sets of persons around the same time, and in another case, series of contracts just coming the way of already 'made' guys who really don't need the money, and then some people are just in the middle...good today, ok tomorrow, fair the day after.

It's that high line I want oh, and I think that's what is happening to me right now. Folks, pray for me please...I need a lot of it.


I leave you with these rap lines from a song that left an impression on my heart...wasn't easy interpreting this from Yoruba to English.

There are so many times that I've fallen and risen
So many clubbing nites that I couldnt afford Redbull
Many coloured shirts combined with one red shoe
So many witches, too many demons
Countless free shows
Countless folks telling me to give up
Telling me I'm too local and hiphop is not my thing
I was determined and I was focused
That's why name has spread like an epidemic
Uncountable 'yawa's...so many insults
Countless concoctions..many meals with no salt
Countless dreams of becoming a celebrity
Only to wake up and continue my hustle on the streets
When will I buy my infinity
Or my Armanda so I can show you the wonder

I have dreams of making Ajah my residence
I have dreams of becoming the Nigerian president
I'm encouraged by what presidents embezzle
Yet I'm discouraged by the curses heaped on them
I have dreams of becoming a pastor
But everytime I drink and I smoke weed silly
I have dreams of having the belief of Pastor Chris
But I'm carried away by the effizi of Ludacris
I have dreams of being as intelligent as Wole Soyinka
But can't happen cos the ladies keep flocking around
I have dreams of going to school and evolving a professor
But I'm being delayed by money like a bus from which ppl want to drop
I have dreams of playing soccer like Kaka
Who knows, tomorrow I might get signed by Barca

Dagrin had dreams
He sang about them
Some he lived
His dreams took his name to Google's 25th most searched word at some point in time
Don't stop dreaming!



Myne Whitman said...

You will surely get to that highpoint, just don't stop going for your dreams. All the best.

dew said...

Tolu Akanni...u're a force to reckon with...you are blessed!

Tolu Akanni said...

Thanks for believing in me!

Jaycee said...

Google's 25th searched word. Nice.