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Friday, May 21, 2010


Don't call me inconsistent
Consistency is my way of life
Don't paint me black
It was you who left me blank
Don't tag me 'unbecoming'
I told you it was coming

Is it just me or these last couple of days are actually more fun than I anticipated. As in, I've been smiling :-)
Life just seems to be more fun with each passing moment and I'm slowly beginning to fear the hours when I'll miss all of these... buh for now, I'm enjoying myself.

Final exams start on Monday and I can't feel the tension in the air yet, most people are just approaching it like it's a 10mark test...na wa oh! Anyways, I've resolved to make tomorrow 100% academics, I need to do my final reading for Monday's paper so I can enjoy a level of calmness on Sunday.
I just have this strong urge that this is my semester for straight 'A's and I can only trust God to prove himself as I play my part.

Let June 9 come on time jare so I can get to down to Lagos, distribute my July9 launch IVs, conclude on launch venue, start my mass print and live the dream.

The dream.
The dream is here
The hour is nigh
The wait no more
I can just picture that little ambitious me that sat down in that chapel on Monday, 17th October, 2005; this journey looked like a forever journey then but we didn't mind, we saw manhood coming at the end of the journey, we pictured the 'up's only, the thought of our down moments was far fetched, the energy was something else, our hopes at its peak.

5years almost complete and I've not done bad at all, I can only appreciate God who has been behind it all. Many ran off course, but I'm still here to tell my story.

The most valuable asset I can hold on to after it all is the gift of friendship. I have the best set of friends in the world, and I take pride in that.

On a day like this, I miss all my CU uncles and aunts who are already flying. God helped me so well that right from inception I've always had elderly ones who have picked interest in me, and it was in this final year when there was really no one above me that I read more meaning to the importance of the role they played. God bless them all!!
I can't wait to get out there and continue the relationship I have with them.
This one key area is where people get it wrong atimes, people see having senior ones around them as a burden, which is a seriously ignorant perspective to life. How can you not have persons that you are accountable to?

I probably place more value on this than the average person would because I grew up with two elderly brothers who are 9 and 7years older, and till date I always trace the roots of my oversized maturity to my brothers. I couldn't just be left out! They didn't give the opportunity to reason as a toddler, they always expected me to know things that were beyond my scope. So it's this same intellectual ambience I'm always looking out for in every new enviroment I find myself. God bless my brothers!!

I love all my friends and I don't care if this post is getting too long, I just have to recognize them. ;-)
I can't stand people who are not futuristic, so most of my friends are persons that always talk about THE DREAM. I am who I am today because of the talk I talk and the influence resulting from the talk. I like to talk the dream and I probably would never have gotten close to achieving any if I didn't have friends that just seem to believe me. My life happens to operate in such a fashion that if I'm within a group of people and I open my mouth to pronounce one, two things I want to achieve, I never rest until I do those things.
That's what my ego does for me
And that's what my friends do to me.
I like to relate with people based on where they are heading to; and if God's favour keeps shining on us, I should end up having the major captains of industries as 'childhood friends'!!
That's mega and I can't wait to step into that realm.
My friends are multifaceted, and that's what makes my life fun. I've never enjoyed a monotonous lifestyle and God keeps helping me to discover more and more persons who bring colours my way.

The fact that I have you read this every night keeps me going, and thanks for being there for me! I'm talking to you oh, not anyone else.

Catch you again tomorrow nite.


Special shout out to Bettyboopz, you made my day!

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Here are some pics from Sunday......

after the service
Jiphil @ breakfast
Ify @ breakfast
all classy MOBI-D
Lamba @ d gig
EIE peeps


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dew said...

nice and inspiring...all the best, exams also start for me too.
the book looks really "it", congrats :)

Tolu Akanni said...

thanks dear, wish you success too!