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Friday, May 14, 2010



I love fridays 'cause fridays are lecture free and it brings that air of freedom and the feeling of yet another fulfilled week, it brings memories of the golden friday ahead, Friday 2nd July, 2010.

1000 - As usual I woke up this particular friday with nothing on my mind, no specific agenda for the day, was basically down for anything!
Was happy to see that Myne Whitman finally visited my blog :-)
Too lazy for a cafe stroll..so it was breakfast indoors.

1200 - Had 3 movies I planned to watch, and if you know me so well, you'll know my planning to 3movies is quite impossible! Well, I tried...I watched one, after taking regular breaks to do one, two things around me...cant even rmbr d name of d movie anymore sef and I'v deleted it!
Facebook catch up with Bonnie made sense sha....still cant believe you've been on blogspot all along!

1400 - Picked on a second movie - illegal tender - and it made maddd sense just like I was told (I only watch movies that have been hyped)

1740 - Headed out to the chapel to see Chaplain so I can get him around for the book dedication, saw P on my way down...so O as I got to chapel...chaplain - nt around.

1800 - CPC entertainmennt meeting. Really cool today....large house, nice concepts popping up.

1920 - Left chapel to go 2 cafe....ran into O again, so we go 2 cafe together. Getting to cafe, loads of familiar faces around...razz omogeblack screaming my name just bcos she couldnt help my arrival....omo yen ti razz ju jare.
That babe of the other day that I didnt want to talk to yet....one thing led to another and her friend just brought her into a conversation we were having.....one, two things...me I dunno o...

Was really a nice time in cafe wit my hommies sha, n O chilled wit us all thru.

Bonnie....leave my page jor!

Fully planned, fully booked saturday...let's go!


Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for the shout out. I got your email and I'll make some inquiries and get back to you.

Tolu Akanni said...

Ok...thanks a lot!