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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Its the sound of new
Its the sound of fresh
Its a spark of fresh
That's what makes life fun
Yea spark, spur, stir
Prompt, propel, provoke
That's what makes my life fun

The newness of each day
The forgotten pains of yesterday
The knocking drama of each new day
God was right to have made night and day, and as a small kid then I could remember wondering why an unripe fruit will remain on the kitchen table all day and not get ripe, but then we go to bed and in a matter of hours, it gets riper. Biology classes came and the knowledge of 'dark reaction' wiped all of that ignorance away.
And then I just linked this to my thoughts tonite on how much information makes life fun and how stupid we could be when we find our dwelling in ignorance. I woke up this morning stumbling on some refreshing quotes from my mentor, Mr Alder and it kind of changed my outlook for the day, it set my thought pattern on another realm.
It got me heading to the library
It got me craving for my books
It got me studying for long
It got me smiling
It earned me a day worth evaluating
It got me placing more value on great starts
It got me wanting to advice you to kick off your tomorrow that way!


Jaycee said...

Now I want to see the quotes from Mister Alder that got you so fired up!

Tolu Akanni said...

lol...let's discuss price then