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Sunday, May 16, 2010



Today was a day like no other, the joy was one like no other.

Finally, May 16, 2010 came

Finally the first print of "A-Z life lessons" came and was dedicated to the God who made it possible.

One of the best lines I heard today came after we returned from the birthday gig and Aregbe said "Dreams come true"

Dreams come true!! I can remember getting teary and have tears roll down my cheeks when I write atimes but I'v never had goose bumps while typing...but this is it hear, hope I can contain myself though.

I'm just too happy, very happy, as in....extra happy.

The day didn't kick off so well, but slowly it gained momentum and....that was it!
There's no week I celebrate my birthday in CU that we don't have an unusual minister around..it was Pastor Isaac Oyedepo this time around, and men that's the best Sunday sermon we've had in ages. This guy is fantastic!!!!!!!! He killed it.

Had serious issues securing a venue for birthday gig...some woman was trying to give me crap and I dropped it heavy on her, she got all angry and.....venue changed!
Breakfast was like no other, In the words of Phuneh.."it was definitely the best day ever in CU for our new friends" Crazy, crazy, crazy fun and in the words of Restruct we could say "this is the dream"

The birthday gig went on well...there was too much food, my momc ehn..God bless her!

The feeling of holding that book in my hand was priceless, totally priceless...like Yinkeey would say "e baddd gan!" I was happy oh...too happy!

There was nobody that didn't like it, I can only pray the mass produce come out as tight as this first print.

I had too many wonderful moments crammed into one day and I just wished today I could have 48hrs in that one day.

I have to stop talking, too many thoughts rambling in my head at the same time.

Big ups 2 Ovie who said "I've read every note he has ever put up on Facebook, and I read all of his blogs" that blew my mind bro!

If you've not wished me happy birthday, be nice enough to do that now!


yankeenaijababe said...

Hapy birthday to you, wishing you all of God's goodness your way, happy you are happy...that's the best way to start a fun birthday.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

It was an amazing day... I had fun

dew said...

Another comment: I miss d old background sha, but this is also cool.

Tolu Akanni said...

thanks a lot people!

@ dew...you shld see a 3rd one by the end of this week sef

dew said...