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Sunday, May 30, 2010



My CU Sundays always make sense
The early rise
From the early wake-up call

Chapel services
The dance
The sermon
The lucky ones we get Papa to come for
He's mostly relaxed on Sundays

The fine faces
People look their best
Sharp suits
High heels

Fashion laffs
Unconfident first timers on heels
Rainbow panty hose
Ballon shirts
Oversized blazers

The post service moments
The weekly 'catch-up's
The cafe moments
The expensive dishes

The post-service naps
As in those long hours of sleep
Yeah, those lazy ones

The evening moments
Hospitality moments
Hospilality meetings
Exco meetings
General meetings
Those interesting group talks
Sermon on a date!!!

Post meeting moments
Group cafe dates
Long hours of chat
Hospitality office chilling

The closing sorrow the thought of Monday brings..

Sundays always make sense. Though prototyped kind of, each one comes with it's unique twist and over the years Sundays have been worthwhile.
I had another interesting one today, didn't spend enough time reading like I thought I would because I couldn't stand reading the same thing over and over again. Anyways, we hope God forbids the rumour spreading around about cancellation of exams tomorrow over public holiday, we've prayed for naija already, we don't want any of those provoking/irritating parleys/lectures.

Had quality time praying to God today, this week is a remarkable one in my life and I had to secure God's presence with me as I enter this new phase. Might not be so easy multitasking, but I trust God will bring His help my way.

I can't wait for exams to be over jor!!!! It's just limiting my mind trips, it's not easy to have the mind of a time traveller. My mind almost travelled out of the academic realm again this evening as I hung out with Paps and Omogeblack....arrgghhh...I was on top daydreaming form, Bonnie help me beg that Omoge to stop discussing business around me till June8 please!

Again it's been a great Sunday, hope you guys had fun too, do have a great week ahead!


dew said...

always a joy to read this...so true about Sundays! but wait...rainbow panty hose?!? wow!

(and yeah, I was at my last lap of laziness!) :)

Harry-Rami Itie said...

so true...

BTW...did u see my suit on Sunday...

dew said...

Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

bonnie.. said...

lol... in a funny way ..I miss those sundays ...

Tolu Akanni said...

Harry!! LMAO!!!!! Funny enuf, I did...nice one man..I'm sure it's ur defense suit nyz...lol

@ Dew, that is what those 100lvl children are toying with now o...to now think that a particular personal person of mine wore a black jacket, black skirt n piiiiiink panty hose yday made it worth noting.

@ Bonnie, u gat no choice uno!

dew said...

There's one Omoge that I knw cn do that...and if she ws the one, watch out, cos it would be a standard! enjoy :)