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Thursday, May 13, 2010



All that I am and all that I will be is a function of influence. Society is built by influence, influence is the building block of personalities, it is the clay with which one's character is moulded.

I am an Akanni today because of my father's influence on a one time Miss Ajao. I am a christain today and I love God today because I was made to go to church every Sunday to learn about God.
The word christainity was coined from Christains and christains were said to be people that lived their lives like that of Christ; in order words Christainity is a result of the influence Christ had on his world.

I can write today because my mind was open to learning. Opened to learning by influence of my parents who made sure I was enrolled in various institutions of learning at different times of my life time in order for me to be influenced.
These institutions of learning that we call schools can also be called "influence arena"

Experience is a major driver of influence. Experiences influence us over and over again. As a child, I could reach for a burning flame with no sense of drawback or fear of wrong, but the first time I touch a burning flame and it sends a burning sensation down my sensory nerves, that action goes down into my experience archives and that moment in time - which we call experience - keeps recalling from my subconscious each time I see a burning flame.

We think success today because experience fluently tells us the tale of two cities, one of failure and one of success. The former in which there is displeasure, frustration, sorrow and waste; the latter in which there is excitement, joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Influence is everything.

Influence determines your lot in life, and if you would agree with me that experience is truly a major driver of influence, then you should watch what you experience.

If your experience tells you that a moving train is heading to the city of failure, you jump off that train in anticipation that soon another ride will come to lead you to the city of success. But who says failure is the last stop of that moving train? What if journeying to the city of success demands that you travel in through the city of failure?

Shouldn't we even question these two cities? Is there any such thing as failure or success??

Ahhh....I don't know what I'm saying again oh.

The essence of this gist is that experience could be limiting, it is expedient for you to approach certain things with a free mind, a clean slate - Tabula raza

Tell me how you see these things.....


Myne Whitman said...

Hi, finally I have come to visit. I like what you're doing here, well done. So are you closing up the other one?

Tolu Akanni said...

I'ld be back as soon as the 100days here is over.

bonnie.. said...