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Saturday, May 22, 2010


They say love is not blind
The moment she caught a glimpse of what I was seeing
She shut her eyes and followed my lead
My lady

They say use your head
She knew my head was 2-in-1
She dropped her head and picked up her heart
My lady

She read all of those theoretical books
I told her she didn't have to
She knew we were the one that wrote them
So she read me instead
My lady

She believes in me like no other
Her faith so strong
Her trust that pure
My lady

Those were my thoughts as my mind strayed towards the kind of lady that can cope with me.

I went to bed in the early hours of the day a bit down emotionally just because of how the season finale of Gossipgirl turned out, can you imagine? This is closely related on what I talked about some days back about what influence the materials you expose yourself to have on you.

Anyways, I slept with the intention of waking up early to go eat breakfast. Morning came and I had a swell time worshipping God before I stepped out; I didn't know why I just felt like I should go out for breakfast, and even after going out and not being able to get myself a meal I still can't understand why I went out.

Reading made a whole lot of sense today, my academic passion is still burning high and I can't wait for Monday!!!

Soccer evening was fun as we watched Inter Milan FC lift the champions league cup.

I'm looking forward to a beautiful church service tomorrow. Nite!!!

Welcome back Phuneh, hope you're back for real!


Finally, I got the excerpts of my book on this link
lemme know what you guys think..


bonnie.. said...

awwwww :)

Jaycee said...

Hmmm...so have you found the woman of your dreams yet?

Wise Sage said...

did you say season finale of gossipgirl? Where didja get that, do share. I keep on seeing the pirated, too-edited, incomplete copies out there for sale:(

Tolu Akanni said...

@ Jaycee, still searching...

@ Wise sage. Blogger.com has to stop this private following jare!!..lol.
I simply download torrents them from the internet.