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Friday, May 28, 2010



It's 6am in the morning
Unofficial day
No pending work to do
No 8am class to catch
No point for an early rise

Dawn of a chilling day
You wake up blank
No defined agenda
Its quiet
As mother nature speaks
You could probably hear the birds chirp

There's a melody in your heart
Hush...you are tempted to go back to bed
Listen a little longer
Slowly the melody gets louder
Gradually the melody translates into pictures

You are seeing things
Building things
Building castles
You now see things you can't contain
So you give up
Back to sleep, you attempt
Too late, your eyes are widely open
Melody - Pictures - Burden

It remains a burden until you deliver
A burden until you reach that bridge
The bridge where ideas meet reality
Reality equates accomplishment
Accomplishment, fulfilment

Fulfilment is inexistent
Soon you grow thirsty again
You seek a fresh burden
So you go back to listen
And the melody paints the pictures
Back to a burden that cries to be delivered again

Are you sure you really want to listen?