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Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Today just made sense in a lot of ways

-Chapel service was a departure from the regular, the sermon was more like an informative lecture...nice one on the power of our words, Pastor!!
-My 1st mid semester paper was dramatic...if the Spirit doesn't breath on that paper, then I'm doomed!
-The not-so-smooth sojourn in writing the first paper gave me the spark I've been looking for, for some days now...so my academic spirit is alive again! And its definitely gonna remain like this till June 12, when I kiss Bachelors exams good bye!
-Was on phone with family for some 30mins or so...happy things coming from home, finally had my desired moment with my dad, mom wants to take my proposed small birthday get-together out of hands oh.
New prices coming from the printer, new gists on the Lagos book launch
-Fela Durotoye replying my message, and he thinks it "a honour to foreword my bestseller"!!!

I'm just here smiling!!!

Bye guys! Wish me success in tomorrow's papers!


TecknicoleurGrl said...

Congratulations!! I'm so proud of u!! How are we celebrating, now?

dew said...

(plus success in your papers...the LORD be with you. AMEN)

Tolu Akanni said...

@ TecknicoleurGrl...I shall declare 1 week of free James rice 4 u n ur roomies

@ Dew, thanks..Amen!