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Saturday, April 3, 2010


So in my sticky-sweaty state I quickly sit down wit my laptop to tell d experiences of the d day b4 I get my shower n b4 I touch mum's yummy dinner.

Was up the in early hours of the day havin career talks wit dad n d talk left me with hope that he might have given up on his no-firstclass-no-masters policy, and well yea its looking more like m msc is confirmed; though he stil feels that shldnt b top on my mind (which isn't nyz) so I shld focus on my finals.

Great fun day! Excellent one I must say

Urghhh....I shld include pics of my day in this post, but I dnt have em yet.

Main catch of d day was ma hommie's mom's car was available for drives (my frnd cnt drive!!), so I set out to his house early n zooooooooom.....omo men, driving wit caution is expected on days lik this uno.
1. the owner of d car doesnt knw her son's home
2. her son doesnt drive
3. no money 4 emergency fixings incase of any yawa
But over-analysis leads to paralysis, so I discarded those thoughts n d journey was smooth.
Home-Opebi-Onikan(KFC, swe)-Lekki(GET Arena, Palms)-home.
errtin went on smoothly!

Go carting was madddddddddd fun, it was my first time of tryin it out n yaaaay me! I dusted Ehi, Lekan, Chidinma n some other same children lik dat...it felt good winning d race.

Another high moment for me was @ Palms when I was checkin out their bookstore. I stumbled on their Leke Alder stand n I didnt want to leave again o!!! That guy is awesome....high-quality speaks round his works; sha had a fun time scopin all d concepts for free. freeee o....wen books were ranging 8k upwards. lol

Well, great week for Chelsea..I'm so proud of my team!!! Priemership title, here we come!!

Momc's alrdy shoutin "Tolu!!! Tolu!!!!"....it feels gud 2 hv ppl beg u 2 eat free food. Otta sucks!

one of us uploaded pics alrdy

thats me!Ehi n Chidinma


dew said...

Happy Easter.
A lot of enjoyment at your end...nice :)

sweetness said...

ur really having fun
thats nice :)
being an undergrad has its benefits
lol, first time here
thanx for dropping by earlier

yankeenaijababe said...

Happy Easter to You, nice blog, keep up the good work with the book too.

Tolu Akanni said...

@ Dew, thanks, wish u d same! waitin 4 ur post on ur easter xperience

@ sweetness, thanks! I assume ur undergrad days r behind u rite?

@ yankeenaijababe...rly lik ur name. Wld b glad 2 giv u a free copy of my book. lik hw cn u hv 11,000 profile views??? I dove my hat!

Juanita said...

Carting's sooo cool. Finally some sort of driving which doesn't include bribing a policeman.