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Monday, June 21, 2010


It's past midnight and I cannot sleep
It's 11days to my graduation from the university
18 days to the launch of my book
The giver of life has blessed me so much
That the thought of each blessing makes my teary eye drip
I only started planting and this little seed has grown big
It only just started, that is why it is a burden
The thought of how big it will become makes me tremble
Events turning out with precision and in perfection
The more I think the more I sob
It's exciting
So exciting I lack the articulation to define it with words
It's a call to greatness
Meaning there's no greater call
With appreciation to God
I thought to write to a mentor
So I opened my notepad.exe, typed out my thoughts
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V... leke@lekealder.com

I was able to fill out the nominations list on the category B of the Nigerian blog awards and I see no reason why anyone who believes in me won't nominate me.