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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Waking up as early as 5am, I set out of Ipaja and I head to Lekki to drop off copies of the IVs for a couple of folks. FD's office was my 1st point of call.
I was lucky to have met his PA in the office, but it didnt turn out so sweet jare...hez nt gonna be free for my Friday launch... :-(
buh dreams come true, don't they? we'l c hw tins wil turn out eventually.

Spent a couple of hours in Lekki pursuing other things....mobil...VI...Ikoyi....and by 11:40 or so, I was back home.

Feels good to be back in school...at least I finally get to rest after a long stressful weekend outside.

Quite a no of folks are nt graduating and its rly hard to know who is who men..me that I just keep tellin evry1 congrats! I dunno jare

Sales of my limited pre-launch copies should happen on Friday...m lookin at a 24hr sales plan....if its possible to clear that no of copies within 24hrs?....God sees it all....lemme just play my part and he'll do this!

I'm gettin some nice deals from some folks here men...I'm just prayin these CU-preneurs don't chicken out wen they experiene the climate out there....cos it's strictly for the brave!
God bless the dude that is gettin me banner stands 4 d launch

As the CU journey comes to an end every moment is worth enjoying..
Every experience is worth the memory
Every happiness is worth the laughter
I'm not so excited that this journey is ending though
But the glory of the next pahse wipes my tears away
The colour and the honour makes my heart leap...
...ure gonna def gonna be hearing it all first from me as FizAkanee speaks!