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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've not had a day like today in a short while.
Today was beautiful!
I finally got my project defense done with, and the defense panel was sweet.....we just found favour!
TTG was equally good with Pastor 'Dele Bamgboye. That man is simply good! He brought sense out of TTG sharing his life-experiences with us at length.


Now this was all I could write as I woke up at 5:30am this morning with the intention of going for my only TMC make-up jogging exercise this morning. Based on self-policy, I had to update my blog before stepping out of the room but since it wasn't flowing so good with my heavy eyes that were craving to be shut just a little longer, I left the room by 6am. I was up until 3:15am preparing for printing work that will kick off today and at the same time typing mails to a couple of parents I'm expecting at my launch.

Well, it wasn't just the sleep and blogging that led to the delay I was again caught up at a crossroad - whether to pay my bribe and skip the jogging or to just do it myself; but it didn't take too long for me to overlook the bribe, how can I? I can talk someone out of a situation neatly and not feel guilty, but money changing hands??? It will bring more pain than joy!
So I got dressed, left my room at 6am for a 5:30am jogging and as I was walking down to the court, I was just thanking God, committing the day into His hands, praying in the Spirit and I kept on saying "favour, honour....it's a favour call, it's a honour call.." over and over again.
By the time I got to the basketball court, a good number of people had already finished jogging, those that were giving out tags at various locations were already returning and one official just told me "go back to enjoy your sleep" and then I saw the pool life guard who happens to be my guy and I explained to him that I woke up late and he goes "and you're still telling me, sign now!"
I signed and...

As I returned to my hall all I could say was "favour, honour....it's a favour call, it's a honour call.." as tears began to flow freely from my eyes......
It reminded me of one Tastee Fried Chicken billboard in Otta that reads
"Fast food good
Good fast food"
and I'm like
"Fast God good
Good fast God"
This was a miracle being pulled off in real time
God is real!

As I was under Pastor Bamgboye's teaching yesterday I could feel what the man was feeling, he was communicating directly to me....practical christainity. I could relate with most of the things he was saying, nothing happens by chance really...you have to envision it before it can. I jokingly told someone this week that I won't have to jog, that I will just sign.
"Corgito ergo sum"

Vivian had a good dose of me yesterday....a contagious dose as she called it.
God has been opening my eyes to a couple of things since TTG started and I had been looking for a platform to share it with someone, then she came in handy and I didn't let her go until I was done talking. Very soon I'll talk about some of them here, but the ish is that people just see all those things as pride, but it is not...God opened my eyes to it and since He has promised Abraham that "as far as your eyes can see I shall give unto you", by opening our eyes to these things, He opens our life to the manifestation of such.

Did you guys listen to that pastor yesterday?? When you hear it from a clergy you will say he's boasting in the Lord right? Allow me boast in my God too. I've realised that because of His jealousy, He's not so excited that some are making it big without giving any form of regard to his majesty, so He's all out to flourish the few that are doing it in His name!

God is taking me to the next level and I'm most excited about this!


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Congrats on your defense!

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Thanks a lot guys!