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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The streets were the same
The entrance the same
The setting the same
The same with what?

But again it wasn't the same
This wasn't Km. 10 Idiroko!
This wasn't Otta

Fine, it was 9pm in the night and I saw persons entering the school gate with me holding on to their bibles and I'm like "bibles??....in these zones?" but I kept walking, the security guys looked like the same, car checks and all, well lit streets with all the streets lights functioning....just at about four minutes into my walk, I heard the music..."yea...that's what I'm talking about" I said to myself.
I went to the park, picked a cab to take me to my destination - the place was a bit far off the regular hostels, so I couldnt use the campus shuttles.
My cab ride was interesting, there was no AC though but I didnt need it even with my suit on, it was evening, the weather was chilly, he was driving relatively fast, so that was covered. As we drove through the streets I a group of girls on skimpy skirts and I said "letter of warning" soon I was distracted by another bunch of folks fondling with their mobile phones and I said "ah...3weeks suspension" to the couple that were hugging each other I smiled as I wondered "1 year suspenson" and to the dude that had a red dot between his lips and smoke covering his face I pondered "expulsion"
I sure didn't get university education!
I think I took university classes though...lol

My dearest UNILAG!!!
I could remember those days as a growing child when I used to make occasional visits to the campus with my parents to check on my elder brothers mostly when they were writing exams - cause really they came home every other weekend- and I would dream about how I would live my own life as a student in that school, all those young naive imaginations.
I'm quite positive that getting admission into that school would have ruined my life, peer pressure would have robbed my soul off its colour, so I can't really cry over what I missed, buh men...how do they read in that place? Distractions unlimited..parties, class difference, cultism, freedom....

Anyways my business appointment turned out good. My skye high colleague and friend is promising something big for the paparazi of the launch. How big I can't tell, but it all depends on how big Elan, 234next, Bella naija n Silverbird TV sounds to you...

**********That was how yesterday ended*****************

But things still happened in the early hours of the day.

I was at Visible Impact
Fela Durotoye's office. I went there to see his media assistant/PR personnel concerning the foreword thing, I got tired of dragging the issue it's been frustrating getting him to download the attachment, I tried so hard to get someone to drop the CD off at the Lekki office...no luck and I had been on this ish for like 2months now...so I had to do it myself!

After waiting for the guy for about an hour and half ( I couldn't complain becasue I didnt fix an appointment) he got to the office and we got talking. I gave him the CD to view the book but his PC was messing up, so he tried to restart...in the course of our discussion I mentioned it that I was lauching 9th of July and the guy went "Better don't rush yourself oh, it takes 3-4 months before Mr Fela does that oh"
Within 5mins the PC came on and he started viewing...as soon as he finished viewing he goes "This is great! When did you say you want it? Give me 2weeks!"
That was a mega favour call

"The biggest things of life come on the simplest platform"

The bargain came cheap, it was just God.
From the on set, I knew I was going to get an unusual discount and just as I had thought, it happened that way. The librarian who happens to be in charge of the reading me just had an unusual interest in me, he was just showing me everything! You know, and the guy wasn't what I was expecting him to look like, I was expecting some guy on suit like I was, sitting in the comfort of his office, but this wasnt this case, this man was simple yet he had control over the big things that mattered. He made one or two utterances at the beginning of the conversation that caused me to pick the signals that there's more to this man and I wasn't disappointed at all

Sincerely there's so much to talk about, I have a whole lot of interesting topics to write about just from the experience of these 2 days alone; you know, if you know anyone in CU that blogs daily/weekly...you should appreciate such persons because our routine existence lives us with little to talk about..but when ure in las gidi..ur inspiration is coming from a higher level

I'm also sleep-blogging...really stressed out...typos wil b corrected at dawn0

Myne, you just added more colour to my career, thanks for interviewing me!


dew said...

hmmm, thank GOD the lines are falling in pleasant places.

Juanita said...

Congrats Tolu- Sorry I'm a late bloomer, but I'm done with exams and readdaaaay to comment
Oh and check out my latest post, concerns yah

Tolu Akanni said...

Thanks....I'l check em up now

Adejoh Momoh said...

Congrats.... www.adejoh.blogspot.com

Adejoh Momoh said...

Congrats.... www.adejoh.blogspot.com

Adejoh Momoh said...
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Myne Whitman said...

You're welcome and all the best...