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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Simi left a comment on my 1st post of dis blog yday n dat reawakened me 2 d fact that I've stopd back 2 shorthand.

My day started in Church and ther service was quite interesting. I was up to 1 or 2 silly tins so I wasnt in 4 d sermon. D distraction eded up nt payin off....silly me!

I was moved to tears at different points of the day and 2 or 3 drops mananged to escape my teary eyes...I get moved to tears too easily these days. The moment I just think of anytin dat has 2 do wit time, I jst get all emotional.
When I think of wher I'm comin from and when I try 2 imagine d life ahead...it rolls off freely.

So my bro shared this testimony in church and it was quite touching, he talkd about his hustling days and I could remember those moments...tryin times bt all of dat is history now.

As service ended I had 1 or 2 tins 2 discuss wit him so talked abt em in a hurry since he had 2 leave 4 an appointment, and as he drove off in his new car I tried 2 smile and b4 I knew it, I had tears rollin down my cheeks....it was on auto response...lol
Ahh!! dreams come true...u knw I could rmbr times wen we wld talk abt our future rides, d mansions, d jets n al of those tins wen ther was no kobo in d pocket....d castles we built in d air....all dreams!! Bt c wat God is doin nw, we r livin d dream

It has been a branding n strategy weekend for me with the wave of concepts that God has been showering me with!

Plus, I've been working on the El Fiz website...click here 2 link up 2 it...though homepage is stil constructn, therz lil content on other pages

The concept for my next blog just touched down...check it out

I have crazy work to do 2mrw....my schedule is crazy buh I'm believing God 4 d best. I trust he will c me thru it all

Thanks 4 visitin guys

I wish u all a great week ahead!


Myne Whitman said...

The website looks great, well done and have a lovely week.

Tolu Akanni said...

thanks Myne, wish u d same!