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Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm in Ipaja, Lagos
No light
My laptop is out of battery!
I'm typing on dad's new laptop 4 d 1st time, and touch-typing seems 2 b hell here!

I had a loooooooooooooong day....buh I'm glad I'm making progress
I was able to print the IVs afta chillin on dat crazy queue for 3hrs! But I'm glad it came out well though.
I was interviewed by my brother's friend today....live interviews no be joke o! Well, he was just gettin me prepared for the big day and d many tins to come, thank God for Myne and NakedSha....I was able to answer his questions cheaply....though there were some hard nuts that were almst impossible 2 crack...buh I'm really hapi abt it al.

With my long list of "places to visit", I almost ddnt go anywher at the end of d day...thank God for the persons he strategically positoned my way to help me...if not I would hv collapsed...HARRY, THANK U!!!!

Guys, d way I climb Okada wit confidence these days ehn...u'l fear
No time to claim CU graduate...I cnt b spotted on bike jare...soon u see me on Okadas, before u knw it...ure seeing me on TV, hearin me on radio....so this Okada era is the price I'm paying 4 d ultimate prize.

2mrw I return 2 Otta
In 4days I graduate
11days I launch my book
.....cant wait 4 d success story!!


Tout à fait Bizarre said...

Lovely! Thank God it's just 4 days away and then another 11 days away. I hope there will be rice and chicken very plenty. God bless you, Tolu!!!!!

Tolu Akanni said...

thANkS dEAR!